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I set out to model a revision that would allow the MK2/MK2s to incorporate the Extruder assembely now used on the MK3.

The Parts in the Photos included in this zip file that are colored red are the new models I made to be used in this project. The other files in grey are original Prusa Parts for the MK3.

The intention is to modify a MK3 Extruder body to allow for use on a MK2 . No need for the Bondtech gear setup or run-out sensor, will allow you to transfer your extruder motor into the Body using all your current hardware. Also will allow for use of the multiple angle parts cooling duct which should provide better part cooling as well as bridging. You will likely need to source screws for assembly if you don’t already have them.

Note: this set up will require a 40mm cooling fan for your nozzles cooling fins vs the stock 30mm factory default normally found on a MK2. Prusa now uses the Noctua 40mm fan.

Available here:

Best of luck.


This link may help you to sort out any nuts and bolts that you might need.

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