New Casino Feature

Installed a couple new Casino plugins this week and the players as well as myself have been having a lot of fun. Besides having fun on the slot machines we also have blackjack. The Casino is located in the outdoor market area next to the Bank, How convenient!

I watched Bebot99 wins many thousands on the Slot Machine, just the other day he won $9000 and $11000 back to back, way to go Be.

Players can purchase slot machine coins at the price of 10 coins for $500 this is a pretty good deal considering that each time you spin the slots it costs you $50 however if you loose the jackpot goes up by $100 so if you have enough money to continue playing you will eventually hit it big!

Some screenshots of the Casino Below.




Have fun but don’t go broke trying to win, always try and deposit some money in the bank next door.