Terms & Conditions of Sale

Please read and agree to terms and conditions of sale.

  • You agree that any payment information you submit including, Name, Card Holder Name, Email Address, Billing and Shipping address are true and correct.
  • 3D printing can be a lengthy process and involves setup time, Specific materials required and consumes valuable printer space allotment, time and resources.
  • At our discretion if multiple orders placed by the same customer can be shipped as one, ordered items will be bundled in the same package and shipped together.
  • You are authorized to use and make payment with the provided credit/debit card information provided at time of checkout.
  • Have read the details for each product you are purchasing and understand what is included with each product.
  • Understand that some products require screws, nuts, bolts or other parts that are not part of the purchase or part of the individual product you purchase.
  • Your credit/debit card statement will show a charge from wholesellersource and will reflect your purchased made at 3D Printed Drone Mods website.
  • Understand how to install and use a part for your specific installation application.
  • Refunds are not offered once they are being processed, printed and or prepared to be shipped. If you intend to cancel an order please do not place the order to begin with.
  • Know that you can view your order history and view tracking information for each order at the following url on our website. https://hypedphoto.com/dronemods/my-account/