Mamba Core XY 3D Printer STL’s Kit BOM and links

Mamba Core XY 3D Printer STL’s Kit BOM and links
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Mamba Core XY Project [Purchase Here]


Extrusions 3030

Main Frame
Z Axis (4) 540mm
Y Axis (6) 470mm
X Axis (4) 420mm

Print Bed Mount 2020
X Axis (2) 330mm
y Axis (2) 267mm

Z Rods (4) 12mm x 435mm

Z Lead Screws (2) 8mm x 370mm (if using coupler)

Z Lead Screws (2) 8mm x 392mm-395mm (if made onto stepper)

Y Rods (2) 8mm x 470mm

X Rods (2) 8mm x 475mm

Linear Bearings

Z Rods for Bed (4) LM12LUU 12mm x 21mm x 57mm [LINK]

X and Y Axis (4) LM8LUU 8mm x 15mm x 45mm [LINK]

Extruder Idler Bearing 625-2RS

The extruder assembly will need (1) Idler bearing to press the filament against the MK8 hobbed gear, The 625-2RS bearing can be purchased on Amazon here. [LINK]

Nuts & Bolts [Button Head Hex]

When purchasing nuts and bolts it is always a good idea to purchase extras in case any have defects, T-nut qty’s are equal to Bolt counts below

(80) M6 x 10mm [LINK]

(30) M5 x 10mm [LINK]

M6 T Nut for 3030 Aluminum Profile [LINK]

M5 T Nut for 2020 Aluminum Profile [LINK]

Heated Bed

The printed parts and this printer have been designed to use this heated bed [LINK] I have used this exact bed in many builds and for the price I find it performs extremely well. In addition to using this specific heated bed, I install and recommend a 310x310mm Kenovo AC Silicone heater [LINK] that adheres to the underside of the bed and heats up very quickly and reliably and aligns with the bed perfectly including hole cut outs and all, both together are a perfect match. You should also power the AC Heated bed with a SSR. I use this exact SSR on all my projects, It is good quality and reliable. To date I have not had any problems or issues whatsoever. [LINK] Although using this specific bed setup is not absolutely required, If using another bed with different mounting holes you may need to adapt the bed mounting to accommodate your bed.

End Stops X & Y Limit Switches

I have kept this build simple and use standard mechanical limit switches for all end stops. I use traditional limit switches that come mounted to a pcb, the pcb is not required as they only provide a led light and this feature is not necessary. Removing the limit switch from the pcb is easily accomplished by cutting the 3 wire terminals from the pcb with flush cutters, then straightening each terminal with a pair if needle nose pliers. This kit comes with an Y limit switch mount and the X limit switch mounts to the extruder body printed parts. Limit switches I use for this build are available on Amazon here. [LINK]

Bed Leveling Sensor

A bed leveling sensor is optional however the Direct drive extruder assembly comes with a BLTouch mount and can be purchased on Amazon here [LINK]

8mm Acme Lead Screw Nut for Z Lead screws

You will need a pair of lead screw nuts to move your print surface up and down. I have adapted the lead screw lengths to allow for use of an anti backlash configuration. I recommend these on Amazon as they work very well to reduce any Z Backlash. [LINK] Alternate Link here. [LINK]

PSU and On/Off Switch

The Mamba also comes with a PSU mount case which has been designed for this 24V PSU [LINK] and this on/off switch [LINK] which mounts perfectly within the PSU case.

Belts & Pulleys

The X & Y steppers require a GT2 Pulley (1 each stepper) with 16 tooth and a 5mm bore one on each stepper. [LINK]

The X & Y carriage sliders also require Idler Pulleys GT2 3mm Bore Aluminum Toothless Timing Belt Idler Pulley. You will need 2 of these [LINK] and 2 of these GT2 Idler Timing Pulley 16 Tooth Wheel Bore 3mm [LINK]

The X & Y Idlers both require 2 each of the GT2 Idler Timing Pulley 16 Tooth Wheel Bore 3mm so you will need a total of 4 of these. [LINK]

GT2 Belt is required, follow this link for a good deal on plenty of GT2 belt for your build. [LINK]

Extruder Body

A custom designed Direct Drive extruder body also comes with this kit, It has been custom built from the ground up for performance and excellent parts cooling. It has been designed to use a E3D V6 original or clone and uses a standard 5015 parts cooling fan and a 40mm heat break fan. Additionally the extruder assembles with M3 bolts that make connections when assembled with threaded brass inserts available here. [LINK] Threaded inserts can easily be heated and pressed into locations where screws are used to assemble the Extruder body. Youtube Video Link. Additionally this setup can accommodate any other extruder body direct drive or bowden you like that conforms to the 8mm X rod configuration who’s X rods maintain a 45mm spacing.

Additional Notes

A variety of M3 bolts and nuts are used for the extruder assembly along with a MK8 hobbed gear [LINK] it is a good idea to have an assortment of these on hand during the build. Additionally this kit also comes with a controller mount case that has been designed for the Duet Wifi [LINK] which is fast becoming one of today’s favorite print controllers. Don’t let the price of the Duet Wifi scare you they are worth every penny and if your low on cash clones are also available on [LINK] and function with all the same features of a genuine Duet Wifi.

Increasing Z Print Volume

If you for some reason wish to increase the print volume height it is easily accomplished by increasing the length of the Z Extrusions by the amount of increase you desire. If increasing the Z Height print volume you will also need to add that same increase in length to your Z Lead Screws and 12mm Z Rods. When assembling after any resizing of Z print volume maintain the 104.5mm extrusion spacing as shown below.

Right View Parts Placement Measurements

Bottom X & Y frame extrusions should be mounted 10mm above table surface, Printed feet are recessed 10mm and once inserting upright extrusions into printed feet your 10mm spacing should be accomplished at the top of the printed feet.

It is recommended to print parts with 3-4 perimeters 3-4 top and bottom layers and 25-30% infill with a premium PETG.

Stepper motors required are Nema 17 as all stl files are designed for use with a standard Nema 17 stepper motor.

Mamba_Top_Down Mamba_Right_Side
Mamba_Rear Mamba_Right_Lower
Mamba_Rear_Left Mamba_Rear

PSU_Stls Controller_Stls Y_Sliders_Stls Frame_Stls Extruder_Stls