Cgo2 | Cgo3 Camera Mod

The intention of the Camera mod is to relocate the Cloverleaf antenna from inside the camera, Cgo2/Cgo3 to the underside of the Q500. When relocating the Cloverleaf antenna to the underside of the Q the antenna will always remain in a vertical position. Cloverleaf antennas receive signals best when oriented in a vertical position. Please note this will void any remaining warranty you may have.


The parts for this mod are available on Ebay

You will need the following:

(1) 2X 1.37 U.FL Mini PCI to RP-SMA Pigtail Antenna WiFi Cable 20 Inches (50cm) USA

(1) 2-Pack RP-SMA Male to SMA Female Right Angle 90-Degree Gold Plated Adapter

(1) Circular Polarized 5.8ghz Antenna Set – SMA; LHCP; 60mm

Begin by removing your camera from your Q500


We can now see the exposed internal cloverleaf antenna


Remove the 4 phillips screws from the back of your camera



Remove Front Camera casing from camera unit


Remove the 4 phillips screws holding in the camera


Use a razor to remove decals. Be careful not to tear them so you can reapply later if you like.


Lift edge with razor them peal by hand



Remove 2 phillips screws from side decal covers


Remove these 4 phillips screws


Note: It is important to review the orientation of the camera above. Later when we re-assemble the camera we will need to orient the camera internals in this same fashion when we put the case back on the camera.


Remove 4 phillips screws from PCB, take care to not pull out ribbon cable. Be gentle with the electronics.


Unplug this connection shown below


Remove internal Pigtail cloverleaf antenna. We will be replacing this antenna with an additional pigtail wire lead later.



Drill a 1/4 inch hole into the camera cover as shown below. Verify you are drilling on the correct side of the camera cover to avoid mistakes.


Drill slowly to prevent cracking the plastic camera cover.


After drilling the 1/4 in hole insert the new pigtail lead into the camera cover from the outside.


Connect new pigtail led to post where old cloverleaf antenna was removed from.


Replace the screws and begin to re-assemble the camera. Note: remember to orient the camera internals so they are facing the normal operational angle as outlined above in earlier photo.


Plug back in this connection we disconnected earlier


Begin the final assembly and place the case back into position and the 4our screws connecting the case to the gimbal frame support.


Secure 4 phillips screws


At this point carefully review you have reconnected any cables you have handled, verify all screws are back and firmly in place then finish the remaining assembly of the case.

Once your camera is assembled it should look similar to this…



Route the cable out the side of the camera and secure it with a zip tie, make sure the zip tie only holds the position of the cable and the cable is not under a bind. It needs to be held in this position but be able to freely slide in its mount to accommodate the camera as it moves when stabilizing



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