Connect to your CGO2 | Cgo3 camera from your browser

Did you know you can easily connect to your Q500’s Camera and view and download photos and videos from it without taking out the cf card. It’s east yo do if you know a few little secrets.

First you’ll need a wireless device you can access the camera on the Q500 with like an iphone, Android phone, Ipad or even some laptops with a wireless connection.

In this example I will be using an Ipad Mini. Follow along with the screenshots to see how.

First turn on your Cgo2/Cgo3 camera. It can be mounted to your Q500 or on your steadygrip.

After your camera has fully powered up
Open your Ipad and click on Settings


Next from the network menu select wifi


Allow your wireless device to scan for wifi networks and once the camera appears in the list select it and connect The default password used is 1234567890 Unless you have changed the password yourself.


Once you have established a network connection to your camera cgo2/cgo3
return to your ipads main screen and launch web browser, in this case safari browser is what I will use


Once your browser is open enter your cameras ip address into the address/location area. In my case The number I used was Verify yours from the settings screen as shown below


Once you have entered your Ip address in your browser connect to your Yuneec camera and browse all the files, photos and videos on your cameras sd card without the need to remove the card.


There ya have it. An easy way to access all the photos and videos taken on your Q500 without having to take out the sd card from your camera.


Recording Audio From The Steadygrip

You can also Turn on and Off audio of your Camera from the browser like this <–or replace the red 1 with 0 (zero) if it didnt work. <–to start recording. <–to stop recording.


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