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Leesburg Fl Wedding photographer Photograph weddings in Florida
If you have been searching for a maternity photographer, newborn photographer, baby photographer, senior photographer, or family photographer then look no further.

Welcome to Hyped Photo.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Martin Smith, I live and work in central Florida and have been a professional photographer for over 20 years and like most professional photographers that have been involved in the field have migrated to digital in the past 10 years.

During my career as a photographer I traveled the world shooting a wide variety of subject matter from pyroclastic ash flow in the Philippines to High Fashion model shoots in Chicago and just about everything in between.

As a resident of central Florida since 1972 I have had the privilege to photograph hundreds of weddings, beautiful young ladies for their high school senior portraits, numerous bands and upcoming talent as well as many product and wardrobe sessions.

In addition to the above mentioned I also own and operate National Event Photography which is a premiere event photography company who specializes in cheerleader and dance competition photography. My staff and I travel the United States and photograph tens of thousands of competitors and offer prints to their family's on-site within minutes of their competition on our touchscreen viewing stations.

In addition to photography I've recently produced custom camera straps where clients can design their very own custom camera strap, you can read more of our Krazy Straps at http://krazystrap.com

Thanks for taking a moment to visit us online and for your future photographic needs please consider me for any of your projects.

Martin Smith.
My intention is to offer the very best quality photography possible at the very best price for all of my clients.

Pricing for weddings begins at $650.00 and includes up to 6 hours of session time. 6 hours of session time will typically include shots prior to the wedding on the day of the wedding, coverage of the wedding itself and the reception. Many newlyweds also like to have sessions well in advanced of the actual wedding itself.

Photo sessions in advance of the wedding day typically are shot at alternative locations you have selected in advance, these sessions allow for a more relaxed enviornment where we can work together to create really great photographic opportunities. An Hourly rate of $45.00 is charged for any time outside of the Included 6 hours of coverage.

Senior portraits for young ladies and men typically run no more than 4 hours, It is important that you have scouted several locations in advance to maximize your session time. In general all senior portrait sessions start at $350.00 any additional time that is required beyond the Included 4 hours will be charged at a rate of $45.00 per hour.

It's difficult to price boudoir sessions as a "flat rate scenario" because of the nature of the session itself. Most boudoir sessions can run from 4-6 hours depending on the number of wardrobe changes and set up of lighting. As a base I charge $450.00 for the first 5 hours and $45.00 for each additional hour. Because of the nature of this style of photography a witness must be present to provide oversight, this is unfortunate however it is unavoidable.

All fashion shoots require a minimum of 6 hours and are charged by the hour thereafter at the rate of $45.00 per hour. The first initial 6 hours fee is $650.00

This pricing is exclusive to Bands, Artists, Rap/Hip Hop, Solo/Duo only and includes a full blown photo session full day and shooting of a full 1080p HD Music Video. With the photo session expect a modern, edgy, colorful bold look for all of your photos. The perfect session for your album artwork, advertizing media etc. Videos are shot with the Canon 7D in full 1080p, the quality is mind blowing and all post production is included so your Music video will be edited in all it's glory. Final product delivered on DVD in several versions for your distribution needs. $1000.00

All clients will receive digital copies of photos from your session, In general, color corrections will be applied to digital copies prior to being delivered to our clients unless otherwise requested. Photos will be delivered on DVD.

With any session I provide on-site studio lighting to enhance and provide mood for your shots. Lighting setup is a major component in the style in which I photograph my clients.

HD Video is also available, heres a preview of a recent sweet 16 celebration I shot.


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Leesburg Fl Wedding photographer Photograph weddings in Florida